The Bavarian IT Security and Safety Cluster

The Bavarian IT Security and Safety Cluster is an affiliation of IT companies, institutes of technology, businesses which use security technology, universities of applied science, institutes of further education and law firms.


Aims and functions

  • initiate and promote collaborations, particularly between the scientific and economic community
  • further the development of IT security research and training
  • provide information about security risks and their technical and organisational solutions
  • present the Cluster’s members and their security expertise
  • launch and mentor company start-ups


Technological focus/fields of work

The Bavarian IT Cluster’s fields of work, which can be divided according to content into the areas ‘IT Security’ and ‘IT Safety’, emerge from the differing expertise and interests of its members and from issues which are the focus of public attention at the time. ‘IT Security’ includes all issues of IT or information security which are concerned in the broadest sense with protection against intelligent, strategic attack. ‘IT Safety’ applies to the technical/functional issues of information security and is primarily concerned with protection against harmful influences.


National and international networking

The Cluster’s external network is designed to offer still greater potential for collaboration between its members. Branches in Augsburg and Nuremberg are the driving force behind the national network. Internationally, the Bavarian IT Security and Safety Cluster cooperates with clusters in Belgium, Denmark and Poland.


Working groups

  • Data protection
  • Sales Cooperation
  • Encryption
  • Cloud security
  • Information security management
  • Industrial IT security (completed)
  • Secure smart grids (completed)
  • Cyber Security (completed)



  • Automotive Safety
  • Data protection
  • IT Security
  • Security Technology




Services for members

  • Support for company collaborations
  • Public relations
  • Support in the evaluation and recruitment of staff



All of the members of networks and project groups of the single working areas are working together on projects, innovations, grant applications or marketing campaigns. The cluster-management accompanies and supports the thematic work and offers a specific contact mediation, presentation of their competencies and extensive information for all members.


Organization and Management

The Bavarian IT Security and Safety Cluster was founded in 2006 and is reorganized as a registered association since July 2013. The cluster-management consists of six persons whose key responsibilities are cluster management, membership recruitment, research and development and the regional representation in the greater area of Munich, Augsburg and Nuremberg. 


Sandra Wiesbeck

Cluster Manager and Managing Director

Tel: +49 941 - 604 889 18
sandra.wiesbeck-itsec@ ]