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This topic area is chiefly concerned with legally compliant security solutions for cloud computing and with secure SMB services in the cloud.

In just a few short years, cloud computing has developed into a very complex and dynamic area of IT. Nevertheless, some users have their reservations, using cloud services such as Evernote, Doodle or Google docs themselves, whilst being reluctant to make use of their equivalents at company level. This sceptical attitude is bound to change with time, primarily because the effects of deliberations about data protection and IT security are beginning to make themselves felt and are increasingly being implemented.

When it comes to compliance with the law, cloud computing confronts businesses with a variety of practical problems. In practice, compliance with data protection and confidentiality laws, evidence of compliance certification and contract law are often particularly neglected.

What is CeSeC

With CeSeC – Certified Secure Cloud – the Bavarian IT Security Cluster offers a procedure model to support SMEs during their way to use clouds. This model contains a guideline, workbook and a questionnaire which can be used to plan and realise the transfer of data and/or applications to a private cloud.

The Workbook is a practical guide, which gives advice to certified consultants and which is used as the basis for the training and certification for them. It contains numerous examples and instructions how the questions of the catalogue can be answered and audited.

The questionnaire is a compilation of relevant questions about organisational an law issues, which everybody has to face on his way towards a cloud.

The guideline supplements the questionnaire to give the candidates an understanding of the extent of the migration towards a private cloud. A simple and understandable procedure is explained (CeSeC M³-model) which helps with the initiation, management, audit and exit can be implemented.

The guideline is available as e-book for 29,95€. You can order it per email (lukas.stobbe@it-sec-cluster.de). Please add your billing address.

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