ISA+Information Security Analysis

What is ISA+Information-Security-Analysis?

  • Development of a requirement analysis to find out requirements concerning information security
  • The management can process the procedure model without technical knowledge
  • Through an accredited consultant, further strengths and weaknesses during realisation of information security can be identified
  • Recommendations for action are shown which constitutes additional value for the business
  • Possibility of certification

 For who is ISA+Information-Security-Analysis?

 Why ISA+Information-Security-Analysis?

  • Requirement analysis in particular for smaller and medium sized businesses
  • Easy entry in information security
  • Strengths and weaknesses during the realisation of information security are identified
  • Recommendations for action are pointed out

With 50 questions to Information Security: ISA+ is a concept for SMEs to easily get started in the field of information security. It helps to find out the requirements of a company and to reach recommendations for action.

Key aspects

The development of an adjusted analysis for the needs concerning information security is an important aspect for small and medium-sized businesses to find out first requirements. A consultant gives the chance to identify the strengths and weaknesses during the implementation of information security and the results and recommendations lead to an added value.

With a list of 50 questions, the actual situation in a business is determined. After the evaluation, an accredited consultant analyses the facts and an implementation process is prepared according to the needs. In case the business reaches 75% of the requirements, a certificate can be issued by a certification body.

An Information-Security-Analysis additional module is also offered. Embodying 32 additional questions, it is helpful when a business enters the field of production.

Aims and responsibilities

  • Easy introduction into Information Security
  • Analysis of requirements in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises with acceptable effort
  • Create a possibility for managers to perform the model without technical knowledge
  • Possibility of a certification



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