Dipl. Inform. (FH) Harald Hornung developed a tool that shows the 12 steps of ISIS12 in a software.

The aim is to support the participants of the project in the use of ISIS12.

The software can be used with any browser and can be installed at one workplace or at a server. The code of the tool is referred to a licence. Registered accounts get a password protected access, to load updates with low effort.

A (German) demo version can be found here:

Username:          demo
Password:           ISIS12

The full version can be received as an ISIS12-licensee or an ISIS12 user in cooperation with an ISIS12 consultant. The costs for the license for 1 year are 600€ (plus tax). For following years they are 300€ (plus tax) a year.

For municipalities and special companies that are led by communities there is no need of a cooperation with an ISIS12-licencee.

The order form can be found here. To place an order please fill in this form and send it via fax to Harald Hornung:

Fax: +49 (0) 9406 283 771.